My Story

My own birth experiences were completely different. They led me to understand the importance of having the right surroundings and support to make birth a positive experience. A good birth can be the greatest experience of your life.
As a first time Mother, I was naïve and unprepared. I wanted a natural birth and assumed that being young and healthy that is what I would have. My partner and I weren’t prepared for what might and did not go to plan. I ended up with an emergency Caesarian. Although I had a beautiful daughter, as a couple we would have benefited hugely from having someone with us to advise and help, lessen the trauma and guide and support me with my difficulty in breastfeeding afterwards.
I was apprehensive about my second birth five years later due to the traumatic time of my first, however it turned out to be the most incredible and empowering experience of my life. I was helped both physically and mentally by a combination of healthy diet and regular yoga practise. My birth was completely natural and drug free. I had the freedom to move around and find my own birthing position. After only two hours my perfect little boy was born and I was able to breastfeed him without any difficulty.

Kate Hailston